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RPM Supports iRacing
About RPM

RPM was started in late April 2005. It was built directly to make the life of an admin easier. During the entire proccess we had several admins working beside us to give their input to make it even better. You can add the top 10 standings and recent results for each series to your page plus much more using our Web Blocks Generator.

For NR2K3 drivers get eight car slots to upload any type of car and a pic of the car. For anyother game we support uploading of a car pic as well. Drivers can also upload a pic of themselves. People can download the latest cars manualy or they can download all the cars at once using the RPM CF Downloader.

In October 2006 we decided to support rFactor. In just a little under two months we finished the project and are now opening it up for signup. Head on over to the services page to et started! We also added support for iRacing in Fall of 2009. Importing of iRacing is a simple as it can be. There is no going to, downloading results file, going to RPM, uploading results file...All you need to do is specify your iRacing ID and RPM will show you a list of results. You simply choose the one you want and click. It's that simple! We also support any game with the use of our Results Creation Wizard! This allows for example you console users to

RPM Statistics
Leagues -> 564
Drivers -> 84,982
Races Completed -> 47,636
Races Scheduled -> 6,132 (View Them)
Laps -> 53,112,790
iRacing Leagues -> 189
NR2K3 Leagues -> 128
Console Leagues -> 89
ARCA/rFactor Leagues -> 246
Races Today -> 13 (View Them)
Users Online -> 32
Services We Offer

RPM offers a variety of services. The most common is the standard RPM4 package for a league. This includes everything you will need to get your league up and running in no time.

We also have a RPM Reseller program for GSPs. This allows you to sell RPM with a game server you sell.

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"At Bridge City Racing we have been running a league for over 4 years now. We have tried them all and only Race Points Manager does what we need it to. BCR made the move in late Dec 2010 to add iRacing to the league. The guys at RPM were up to the challange to keep us with rpm for all our point systems no matter what the sim. With RPM working with us to add the content to the system is a big of them and it makes our league pop. We could not manage a league without RPM."

Mike Dobrowney
Bridge City Racing

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